Thursday, March 14, 2013

PeachSuite Hotel Supply Online

I have a friend in hotel management in Atlanta. I could not imagine the task of managing all the needs of a hotel like she does.  It's hard enough for me to manage my family of six, let alone staff along with rooms and rooms of customers and their varied needs. She says it helps if a lot of your needs can be met at one place at a Hotel Supply Online. She found PeachSuite looking locally for Atlanta hotel supply but PeachSuite ships anywhere within the United States and Canada.

PeachSuite offers most everything you need, such as supplies for: banquet room, catering, dining, equipment, furniture, janitorial, office, signs, kitchen, appliances, linens, disposable items, hotel bar supplies and more. The selection of knives was outstanding - - and kept me busy for awhile checking them out. They also free shipping on orders over $500. What a great deal in savings for shipping!

If you need supplies and equipment for your hotel, resort, or restaurant, take advantage of their free shipping on orders over $500 and stock up for the upcoming tourist season.  Vacations are being scheduled by families now. Get ready for the warm months coming our way!


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