Thursday, August 14, 2014

Son beats out senior on snare

Marching band season has started and my sophomore son is lead snare. Yeah for him!! I don't think the senior in percussion liked that too much but he is better than every other one in his group. The senior quit band because he wasn't snare or on the quads.

I think it'd be cool if our marching band had some guitars out there, set up wireless, of course. I've heard they're going to get some keyboards or something but I'd like to see a guitar. Then we can really do "Welcome to the Jungle" the right way. There are a lot of cool wireless systems to choose from but our school would never spend the money on that kind of set up.

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How to get through senior year

School starts up here next week and our oldest starts her last year of high school.  Any advice on how to get through this school year with minimal tears?

It'll be a year of lasts before sending her off to college.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me - a new business owner?

So we might become business owners. We'd planned on a small home business (dog kennel) but a home we are looking at and considering buying has a successfully run horse boarding stable on it already. I didn't think about going that big for a home based business but it's really just managing the money while the barn manager manages the rest of it usually.

I'd want to do more advertising to get a couple more stalls filled and bring in more prospects for riding lessons, perhaps advertise in the local paper, flyers during local village events, perhaps print small booklets (like this company that does booklet printing nyc) - talking about the business, the boarding, the lessons - to leave in some businesses like they do at hair salons.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Hubby wants to move south?

My husband asked me last week if I wanted to move south. Actually, I wanted to move further north (home) but southeast isn't sounding all bad.

Starting over in a strange place? Hm...we've done it twice now. I'm not sure I want to buy a home in a new place, schools, shopping, health insurance quotes nc, and get to know a city full of new people (mainly, people is my issue).

Something to think about I guess.


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